Current Volunteer List

Members Name Interests Voluntary work done for MAUK
1 Ani Gomes Events, General Help, Sponsorship Assistance with Funding of Onam 2017

Assistance with funding and general help at Keralolsav 2017

2 Radha Rajan Elders services Ongoing help and support for Elders services

Interim Coordination of 60+ Sisters Club

3 Anila Nair Classes, Events, Admin Help and support for IWD 2017

Support and coordination of activities at Keralolsav 2017

Help and support at MAUK Bharathanatyam classes and performances

4 Radha Ashokan Elders services Ongoing help and support for 60+ Sisters club and Thursday Elders activities
5 Dineshan Shobanan Events, General help Help with setting up at Keralolsav 2017

Help with Onasadhya 2016 preparation

Help at Thalamura

6 Noushad Mangattukonam Kerala House maintenance, General help Help with setting up and clearing at Keralolsav 2017

Assistance with building maintenance

7 Jasline Shimmy Antony Arts and culture


Children and young people’s activities

Women’s activities

Planning and Coordination of stage performance at Keralolsav 2017

Successfully coordinated IWD 2017

Runs homework club at Friday Club

Volunteer coordinator of Our Story project

Planned and coordinated Children’s Day of KHOC

8 Priyan Sathyavrathan Arts & Culture


Ongoing coordination of Kattankappi series

Assistance with MAUK e-newsletter

Literary contributions to MAUK publications

9 Anil Velu Trips & Tours, Events & General Assistance,


Assistance with setting up and clearing up at Keralolsav 2017 and Onam 2017

Assistance with Onam ticket sale

Assistance with membership campaign

10 Karunakaran Sudersanan Sports, Events, Fundraising


Assistance with Keralaolsav 2017 fundraising

Assistance with Onasadhya preparation

Assistance with clearing up at Onam 2017

11 Harilal Vasavan Sports, Events, Transportation Help at Keralolsav 2017 and Onam 2017

Transportation of Artists

12 Soumya Shaiju Arts & Culture

Stage Shows


Coordinated & Choreographed Dances for Onam 2017

Performed for Onam 2014 and Our Story project

Choreographed, coordinated and performed Thiruvathira for Onam 2013

13 Lalitha Pillai Arts & Culture, General help Ongoing help and support for  Chenda Troupe

Assistance and help at IWD2017

Help and support during Annual Day 2017

14 Mohanadas Madhavanandan Technical Assistance, General help Help and assistance during rehearsals and staging of Drama

Assistance with fundraising for Keralolsav 2017


15 Subashkumar Pillai Technical Assistance, General help Lightning and assistance during rehearsals and staging of Dhrishyakala’s latest production

Help and assistance during Onam 2017

Stage lighting and set up for events at Kerala House

16 Jashwin Anthony Events, General help Help and support with planning and execution of Keralolsav 2017
17 Aslam Habeeb Technical Assistance, General help Technical assistance at Kerala House

Help with maintenance of Kerala House

18 Sruthi Ravi Young peoples service, Arts & Culture Onam and Keralolsav 2017 subcommittee member

Choreographed and performed at Onam 2017

19 Vijay Gopi Technical Assistance, General help, Events Arranged athapoove and helped set up at Onam 2017

Help with stage setup for Drama

20 Jestin Simon Technical Assistance, General help, transportation Transportation and help with stage set up for Drama

Technical assistance with CCTV at Kerala House

21 Sherin Sathaseelan Classes, Admin Volunteer lead for Bharathanatyam classes managing day to day activities

Help and support for students on performance day

22 Suresh Sukumaran Elders services, Members gatherings Ongoing management of Thalamura club

Help and support for Elders Club on Thursday

23 Gangadharan Babu Elders services, General help Help and support for Elders Club on Thursday

Help with Onasadhya preparations

24 Rajeev Anandan Photography Official volunteer photographer for all MAUK
25 Sasi S Kulamda Arts & Culture Directed Drishyakala’s latest production

Help coordinate Drishyakala 25th Anniversary

Edited Drishyakala souvenir

26 Subash Viswanathan Cultural activities Manager for Drishayakala’s latest production staged on Feb 2017
27 Suresh Bhaskaran Sports and Leisure activities, Admin  Assisted the Treasurer with maintaining accounts

Help organise 2016 Sports competition

28 Raji Gangaharan Sports, Events Help and assistance during Keralaosav 2017

General help during events

29 Sreeja Rajan Events, Admin Help and assistance in the planning and delivery of IWD 2017 & Keralalsav 2017
30 Aswathy Sasidharan Arts & Culture, Stage Shows General help at Onam 2017, Keralolsav 2017

Coordinated and performed dances at Onam 2017

Help and support at Friday Club

31 Dr Hena Vijayan Arts & Culture, Classes, Wellbeing Support at IWD 2017 Celebrations

General help for dance classes

Mindfulness lessons at Elders Club



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