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Inviting Sponsors for Thursday Club

MAUK Thursday Lunch Club, which is part of MAUK Elders Services has been functioning since 1998. This tailor-made service is a unique platform for Elders in our community to meet, chat and share their cultural identity and common experiences. Participants of the Club enjoy a variety of activities including card and board games, exercise classes, knitting, arts and crafts, poetry, film, picnics, trips, etc. Kerala lunch is also provided each week.
In the past, the Club was funded through grants from statutory bodies. However, due to austerity and changing priorities, grants and other funding from governmental bodies were gradually reduced and eventually ceased. We introduced a nominal admission fee to keep this essential service running but it was never enough to meet the rising cost. The Club has been running in loss for the last few years.
To generate more revenue to keep this essential service operating smoothly, we are now inviting kind-hearted individuals and community-spirited businesses to sponsor one day at Elders Club. You can sponsor as part of your celebrations of an auspicious occasion, in memory of someone beloved, as a promotion of your business or to simply support this essential service.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for 27 days in 2020. The minimum donation for sponsoring one day is £120 which is roughly the operational cost for the day. May we also request you to pass on this sponsorship request to your friends and family who may be interested in supporting this vital service. Finally, we thank you for your continued support for MAUK and look forward to a positive response to our request.

The following dates are available for 2020.

January – 02, 23, 30
February – 06
March – 05
April – 09, 16, 23, 30
May – 14, 30
June – 11, 28, 25
August – 13, 27
September – 30
October – 01, 08, 15, 22, 29
November – 05, 12, 19, 26
December – 03

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