About 60+ Sisters Club

Girija Nair, the visionary volunteer of MAUK, started the 60+ Sisters Club in December 2007 to cater for the needs of increasing number of ladies in the community over the age of 60. Most of these ladies arrived in the UKduring the Eighties to support their partners. They followed a set and often similar routine of home keeping (taking care of the needs of their husband and children) although some did manage it while working full time.

As years passed by, thanks to their untold sacrifices and relentless efforts, many of their children have moved on with highly successful careers. Sadly, sooner or later, most of these ladies lost their partners. This caused disruption to their long-term habits, practices and routines. Many found it difficult to adapt to their new circumstances and some even questioned their purpose in life.

Nair, who was familiar with these ladies observed that despite their new-found freedom and time, many of them were still stuck at home- bored, with little or no activities to uplift, motivate and stimulate them. Nair realised the detrimental effect that this was having on the mental and physical wellbeing of these ladies and decided to create a support network for them under the MAUK banner. She called it the ‘MAUK 60+ Sisters Club’, which perfectly incapsulates her altruistic, inspiring and genius vision. Meeting every Tuesday at Kerala House, the club provided a safe, vibrant and pleasant atmosphere for elderly ladies take part in numerous tailor-made activities.

Following the demise of Girija Nair in 2011, another avid and passionate MAUK volunteer Mrs Rajeswari Sadasivan took over the day-to-day running of the Club. She is aptly supported by the ‘Elders Services Team’, which consists of MAUK directors and volunteers. Current activities of the Club include exercise classes, health and wellbeing talks, singing, poetry, drama practice, knitting, food tasting, picnics and outings and much more.