KHRP – October 2013

KHRP Update 1 | October 2013


Dear Life member


We are writing to update you on the developments of the Kerala House Renovation Project (KHRP).


We are pleased to inform you that the renovation work of Kerala House will commence on Friday, 01/11/13. The work is expected to last around 4 months. During this period all MAUK regular activities will run as normal from London Tamil Sangam located at 369 High Street North, Manor Park, London E12 6PG. For further details please contact our Regular Services Team Lead Sudheer on 07765865904 /


We received quotes ranging from 55K to 112K from 8 different builders. We would like to thank all the companies that have shown interest in providing their services.  After careful consideration by the MAUK Director Board, the contract for the work was awarded to Mr Satpal Singh, who is a registered self-employed builder. Mr Satpal Singh’s quote of 55K plus fixtures and fittings was the most competitive as he was willing to give up any profit in return for publicity within our community. He was also recommended by many of MAUK members.


Mr Satpal Singh has signed a 52-page contract, which was drawn up by Anil Divakaran of Total Property Partnership, who will be overseeing the building work. We take this opportunity to thank Anil and his team for their wonderful support for this project. Mr Sreevalsalan Pillai will be in charge of the day-to-day management of the work.


Once the work is completed, we will be holding a re-opening ceremony to which we will be inviting all 60 of our life members. We will be in touch with you with further details nearer to the ceremony.


We kindly request you to ensure that any outstanding Life Membership fee is paid as soon as possible. We also request you to spread the word of this project among your friends and family and request them to support this and other MAUK projects.


We will keep you updated through our monthly e-newsletter of the developments of KHRP and other MAUK service.  If you haven’t already subscribed to this free service please do so by visiting MAUK website; The updates will also be available through Facebook/mauklondon. Don’t forget to like MAUK facebook page if you haven’t already done so.


Once again thank you for your continued support.


The KHRP Team

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