KHRP – November 2013

KHRP Update 1 | November 2013


Dear friends


Kerala House renovation work is in its second week now. While the dismantling of old stairs, floors ceiling, etc are taking place we are still awaiting approval from planning control of Newham council for the beam work. This may cause a minor delay and alteration to the work schedule. However, at present we do not envisage this as an issue to be concerned about.  We are moving ahead with priority given to other aspects of the renovation work.


Sreevalsalan, who is managing the day-today aspects of the work is visiting the site almost everyday and is keeping a close eye on the progress.  He has also obtained quotes for installing professional Overhead Projector, Sound & Light system, which will come in very useful for meetings, film shows and small cultural gatherings.  The total cost of the above is £9000. As this amount is not included in the initial  budget, the KHRP team needs to work even harder to raise this amount through door-to-door collection from our supporters and well-wishers.  We kindly request you to promote KHRP among your family and friends and encourage their support.


Once again I would like to request to those who have not yet paid their life membership in full to please do so at your earliest convenience.


Few of you have requested for the drawings of Kerala House.  I have attached the final plan prepared by Total Property Partnership to this mail.


KHRP team would like to receive more responses for the updates we are providing.  Please don’t hesitate to give feedback- good or bad.


Finally, a big thank you to Aji Gangadharan (life member & volunteer) who has agreed to assist KHRP team with its fund raising tasks despite having a busy schedule.



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