Bake a Difference

Are you getting ready for the Festive season?

Exciting, isn’t it? Gifts to wrap, Christmas trees to decorate, lights to put up, festive parties, elaborate feasts, plus the buzz and excitement of connecting with our nearest and dearest. An endless list of many magical memories waiting to be unfolded, captured and unleashed into the (digital) world.

During all this hustle and bustle of Christmas, it’s not surprising that most of us easily forget how for millions of people around the world, the festive season never brings any cheer. Millions are lonely. Millions are hungry. Millions may not even have a reason to smile.

Surely we all deserve to be joyous, especially during festive times?

MAUK may not be able to reach out to millions, but with your support, we are determined that with a small act of kindness, 1500+ people will feel a million times better.

This festive season, MAUK is delivering Christmas cakes to 12 charitable organisations with around 1500+ residents, service users and staff. In doing so, we want to remind all the residents of the institutions how special they are and sincerely thank all the dedicated staff whose care and compassion keep our faith in humanity alive.

Our ‘Bake a Difference’ project also aims to highlight the excellent humanitarian work these reputable organisations do to support the vulnerable, remove social stigma to preserve dignity, relieve hardship and foster hope for those left behind by society.

You can read more about most of the organisations we support through the web links provided. We solicit your continued support for these organisations. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion for your loved ones or a personal achievement or commemorating someone special, kindly find it within your hearts to support residents of these care homes and orphanages. We are happy to assist you or act on your behalf in extending your support to these organisations or causes.

Indulge in the joy of giving by sponsoring a Christmas cake to bring festive cheer to those less fortunate than us. Any surplus funds will be used for M.A.U.K’s charitable endeavours in Kerala.

Together, let’s spread the joy of Christmas and make a difference.

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