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Onam: the celebration of Oneness!

Keralites across the world celebrate the harvest festival of ONAM, in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August-September). Legend has it, that Kerala was once ruled by King Mahabeli, during whose rein all humans were treated equal. There was no theft, deceit or hunger. Food was plentiful and shared equally. Everyone loved each other and lived in harmony with nature. It was a golden period when all humans lived in peace and equality.

Whether you believe the legend or not, regardless of their religious or social background, Malayalees celebrate Onam as a cultural festival to mark the joy and prosperity of the harvest and take this tradition with them when they migrate to different parts of the world.

Onasadhya: the art of culinarily perfection

One of the main features of the Onam celebration is the Sadhya (feast), which consists of an elaborate and grand vegetarian meal served on a banana leaf. Onasadya is eaten with hands to savour a complete culinary experience. It includes more than 20 dishes served in a scientific order to compliment its diverse palate and aids with digestion.

MAUK Onasadhya: It’s unique!

It’s prepared at Kerala House!

We do not order our food from restaurants. MAUK volunteers, under the guidance of MAUK 60+ Sisters Club members, cook all our dishes (except banana chips and pappadom) from scratch.

It’s a UK Malayalee tradition!

Since the mid 1970s, MAUK members, family and friends have been gathering every year for Onasadhya, bringing and sharing home cooked dishes!

It has charity at heart!

Each year, we serve the same number of Sadhya served here in the UK, to society’s most vulnerable children and elders in Kerala!

It’s a celebration of community cohesion!

Every year, over 300 Malayalees from across UK and people from the local communities take part!

New from 2019
London’s first VEGAN Onasadhya! State your preference when booking.

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