Kattan Kaapiyum Kavithayum (KKK) – Report 2015

Kattan Kaapiyum Kavithayum (KKK) organized 11 events at various places with the cooperation of other organisations like Sangeetha of the UK and Sree Narayana Mission of the UK. The dignitaries attended to share their views and experiences included Kavalam Narayana Panickar (dramatist, theatre director & poet), Jayaprabha Menon (Mohiniyattam dancer), Kaannur Sharif (playback singer), Dr. Ravi Raman (Member of State Planning Board), Asokan R. Charuvil (Writer and Kerala state PSC member), Dr. Balashankar Mannath (actor & director) and Jayan K. Cheriyan (film director).  KKK participated in ‘The Big Draw 2015’, the international drawing event, and organized three group drawing events at various places including one at Stevenage. The group organized an international poetry competition for expatriate Malayalees and poem by Mohammed Hashim from Croydon was selected as the outstanding one. 2015 became a vibrant year for KKK with innovative and meaningful programmes due to the dedication and hard work of its volunteers and constant support form MAUK.

Events Organised in 2015

25 Jan 2015        – An evening with Kannur Sharif – in association with NISARI of MAUK

14 Mar 2015      – Discussion on Freedom of expression. Director Jayan K. Cheriyan joined discussion form USA through Skype

April 2015 –        – International Poetry Competition for expatriate Malayalees

21 Jun 2015        – Evening with Kavalan Narayana Panickar (dramatist, theatre director & poet) &  Jayaprabha Menon (Mohiniyattam dancer) organised in association with Sangeetha of the UK

24 Aug 2015       – Book review – ‘Veyil pookkunna Mazha mekhanagal’ by Aniyan Kunnath.

04 Oct 2015       – Kadha2015 & Introduction to “The Big Draw”

10 Oct 2015       – Group painting event for 60+ sister’s club, MAUK

08 Nov 2015       – Group painting event ‘Colouring Poetry’ at Stevenage

8 Nov 2015         – Interactive session with Dr. Balashankor Mannath, actor and film director

20 Nov 2015       – Discussion with Ashokan R. Charuvil, writer and member of Kerala state PSC, organised in association with SNGM of the UK

18 Dec 2015       – Discussion with Dr. Ravi Raman, Member of Kerala State PSC

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