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Annual General Report & Financial Statements 2014

MAUK's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at Kerala House at 2pm on Sunday 26th April 2015. As per the resolution passed by the members at the 2014 AGM, the report and accounts are posted on MAUK's website. We invite all members to attend the AGM. Click here to access the reports.

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Kerala house for rent

Kerala house, is available for rent. Members get discount. Grond floor - function hall & kitchen, first floor - board room. Contact for booking Ravi Bhaskaran @ 07791 069019 / Sreevalsalan Pillai @ 07941024129

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Successfully communicating to members and registered uses through email newsletter for the past 5 years. Subscribe to MAUK newsletter and get noticed about the latest events, project updates and news. 

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MAUK gives ample opportunities for volunteers to use their skills and expertise for the community. On 6th December 2014, MAUK issued certificates to volunteers who contributed to 'Our Story - Onam' project.